Late in 2018 Squarespace announced a partnership with a company called Unsplash, an unhealthy combination for any creative. A quick briefing – Unsplash is a website that allows anyone or any company to download and use images for any purpose especially commercial usage for free! Users upload images to get exposure to their content and are willing to give it away for free. How does one make a living giving away professional content away for free? This undercut’s the entire industry and it effects all creatives. I work extremely hard and work with producers and Fotobiz to keep my pricing at industry standards , but also working with clients budgets to create a living from my photography + directing work.

I started digging in deep to understand what was going on and spiralled really fast into lots of articles and comments. Here are a few articles of how this will negatively effect photography + creativy business:

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“This was a blessing in disguise”

This was a blessing in disguise, earlier in 2018 I switched over my website to Squarespace and loved the platform, but when they announced this partnership I canceled my subscription immeditaley. I switched my website back to my photoshelter hosting until I could find the right solution to present my portfolio + reel with a clean and professional online presence. I ended up using photofolio and I’m extremely grateful I left squarespace.

There are a lot of features that Photofolio has that is meant for creatives that Squarespace didn’t have and the big one that I absolutely love it is the PDF Builder.  This allows my clients and agencies to download a PDF with images from my portfolio on my website so they can use it for comps or to pitch to their clients.  It also helps me create a PDF really fast for clients requesting images to submit for a propasal or build a deck. 

Being well versed in SEO, I noticed my Squarespace gave me very little SEO options for my website + image SEO.  I couldn’t actually hide captions with the template I had choosen for SS which limited my search engine prescence and even after 10 months of using SS my site was ranked very poorly.  Within 2 weeks of switching to Photofolio my website had a very high online search presence and is only getting stronger as I keyword and caption all my imagery.

The backend for Photofolio has a small learning curve, but makes a lot of sense and everything is very customizable from desktop, tablet + phone features. It is the perfect balance between control and simplicity which is hard to say. I have a wordpress theme for my blog end of my website and it can be super confusing and cumbersome. Photoshelter is easy to use, but it has very little control and is clunky with limited themes and doesn’t make the best way to display your portfolio online. Photoshelter is a great option for file delivery or stock sales, with that said Photofolio’s FTP feature is even easier to use to deliver everything from stills to motion files!

The customer support is extremely friendly, helpful and super fast at their response times, With Squarespace myself and my girlfriend both waited weeks without any responses from SS. With Photofolio we would usually hear back within hours – unreal!

To view all the features from Photofolio and view a quick overview video go here

This article has been written because I’m an extremely happy Photofolio customer and want to educate other freelance creatives.